Ninja Foodi Op302 Vs Op305 Pressure Cooker Air Fryer: Key Differences!

Ninja Op302 vs Op305

If you are someone who prefers eating light, healthy and wholesome food, then owning an air fryer or a pressure cooker is the right choice for you. Both these appliances help in making your cooking process much easier and faster.

In the market today, there are many products that come equipped with a combination of an air fryer and a pressure cooker. If you are exploring the options for your first air fryer pressure cooker combination, stay with us as we compare Ninja Foodi Op302 vs Op305, two of the best air fryer and pressure cooker combos in the market.

Ninja is a brand that makes some of the most affordable kitchen appliances available in the market today. The company offers products that are priced at an affordable rate, but come with features and functionality comparable to premium models from other brands.

This article will help you understand the differences between the Ninja Foodi Op302 and Ninja Foodi Op305 models. We compared the two air fryers side by side and here is what we found!

Ninja Foodi Op302 Vs Op305 Comparison Chart

FeaturesNinja Foodi Op302Ninja Foodi Op305
Dimensions14.25x16.75x13 Inches14.25x16.75x13 Inches
MaterialPlastic, Metal, RubberPlastic, Metal, Rubber
Weight24.9 lb24.2 lb
ColorBlack High Gloss FinishBlack/Gray
Cooking Functions9-in-1 Cooking Functions9-in-1 Cooking Functions
Pressure Cook, Steam, Slow Cook, Sear/Saute, Air Crisp, Bake/Roast, Broil, Dehydrate & Keep WarmPressure Cook, Steam, Slow Cook, Sear/Saute, Air Crisp, Bake/Roast, Broil, Dehydrate & Keep Warm
Cooking Capacity6.5 Quart Cooking pot, 4 Quart Air Frying Basket6.5 Quart Cooking pot, 4 Quart Air Frying Basket
Inner Pot MaterialCeramic Coated, PTFE & PFOA FreeCeramic Coated, PTFE & PFOA Free
Safety Measures14 safety features14 safety features
Control PanelOne Touch ButtonsOne Touch Buttons
Wattage1460 Watts1460 Watts
WarrantyOne Year Limited Warranty90 Days Return / Refund
User Ratings4.7/5 Star (1.7K Reviews)4.6/5 Star (680 Reviews)
Check Best PriceBuy on AmazonBuy on Amazon

Difference Between Ninja Foodi Op302 and Op305

The main difference between Ninja Foodi Op302 and Op305 is that Ninja Foodi Op305 is sold renewed and refurbished model whereas Ninja Foodi Op302 is sold in new condition. Ninja Foodi op302 and Op305 are multifunctional air fryers and pressure cooker combos that can do it all. The electric pressure cooker and air fryers come with a multitude of cooking features and functions to give you a cooking experience of your lifetime. The two are almost identical in every aspect however there are minor differences that we’ll explain below.

Appearance & Design

Ninja is known for its signature air fryer pressure cooker design which is both attractive and functional.

Large capacity air fryers pressure cooker combos tend to be large in size as well and so are Ninja Op302 and Ninja Op305.

Ninja Op302 has dimensions of 14.25×16.75×13 Inches and it weighs about 25 pounds which is quite heavy to move around hence it is suggested you make sure you have enough room on the counter to accommodate this big boy. The Ninja Foodi Op302 comes in black color with high gloss finish which will fit right in no matter what kind of kitchen theme you have.

Ninja Foodi Op305 also measures 14.25×16.75×13 Inches and weighs about 24.2 pounds which is similar to that of Ninja Foodi Op302 Pressure cooker air fryer. It comes in black/grey finish which looks pretty uplifting sitting on the counter.


Warranty lets you claim refund, return or repair of the product in case you are not satisfied with the performance or there are technical issues with the product within a specified period of time. Ninja Op302 comes with one year limited warranty but Ninja Op305 has a limited 90 days window to claim refund and return the product due to issues defined in owner’s book.

Similarities between Ninja Foodi Op302 vs Op305

Besides a few dissimilarities, the two electric pressure cooker air fryers are almost identical in every aspect. Let’s check out!


Usually, air fryer and most electric pressure cookers are made of high end plastic and same is the case with Ninja Foodi Op302 and Op305. The main body of Ninja Foodi Op302 and Op305 is made of plastic, while inner cooking pot is made of nonstick metal and the seals are made of rubber. The inner cooking pots are Ceramic Coated, PTFE & PFOA Free ensuring you will not have to face any health issues while cooking in Ninja appliances.

Cooking Functions

With multiple appliances combined into single cooking machine, Ninja Foodi Op302 and Op305 lets you cook a massive range of meals from chicken to veggies and seafood to frozen foods. You can air fry your favorite fried foods such as French fries, chicken nuggets, chicken wings and more. How about baking a cake? Ninja Foodi Op302 and Op305 can do that too.

Here is the list of functions these two air fryer pressure cookers can perform:

  • Pressure Cook
  • Steam
  • Slow Cook
  • Sear/Saute
  • Air Crisp
  • Bake/Roast
  • Broil
  • Dehydrate
  • Keep Warm

Cooking Capacity

Both Ninja Op302 and Op305 electric pressure cooker air fryers have a cooking capacity of 6.5 Quart. The inner cooking pot is big enough to accommodate a whole roast for your family. Also, it comes with a 4 Quart cook and crisp basket (Air frying basket) which can accommodate a 5 pound chicken, 3 pounds of French fries / frozen fries, and 2.5 pounds of chicken wings or nuggets.

Their large capacity inner cooking pot and cook & crisp basket allows you to prepare large batches of meals in a jiffy if you are cooking for a gathering, especially when cooking is a hectic task in those sweaty summers.

Safety Measures

Ninja has the best safety record and their kitchen gadgets have to pass through rigorous quality inspection. Ninja Foodi Op302 and Op305 have 14 safety measures in place to make sure you have an incredibly safe cooking experience. Both pressure cooker air fryers have UL safety certificates, PTFE and PFOA-free construction material.

These air fryer pressure cookers have the number of smart sensors, to maintain and regulate temperature, pressure, moist and other parameters while cooking and make sure no unpleasant incident happens while you cook.

Clean Up

The inner cooking pots, cook & crisp baskets are dishwasher safe however since they are nonstick coated, they can easily be hand-washed. Soak them in warm soapy water for a minute or two, and wash with fresh tap water.

Included Accessories

Ninja Op302 and Op305 come with a number of useful accessories for a complete cooking experience.

Ninja Foodi Op302 9-in-1 Pressure Cooker Air Fryer

Ninja Foodi Op302 comes with 6.5 Quart inner cooking pot, a 4 Quart cook and crisp basket, a reversable rack, recipe book with 45 amazing recipes for inspiration.

Ninja Foodi Op305 9-in-1 Pressure Cooker Air Fryer

With Ninja Foodi Op305 you get 6.5 Quart inner pot, 4 Quart air frying basket, user manual and a crisp layered insert to increase the air frying capacity.

Ninja Foodi Op302 9-in-1 Pressure Cooker Air Fryer

Ninja OP302 Foodi 9-in-1 Pressure, Broil, Dehydrate, Slow Cooker, Air Fryer, and More, with 6.5...
  • The ninja foodi the pressure cooker that crisps; Pressure cooker, air fryer, tender crisper
  • Tender crisp technology allows you to quickly cook ingredients, then the crisping lid gives your meals a crispy, golden finish
  • Pressure cook upto 70 % faster versus traditional cooking methods; Air fry with upto 75 % less fat than traditional frying methods; Versus slow cooked, braised, or low simmer recipes tested against hand cut, deep fried french fries

Pros √

  • 9 Cooking functions
  • You can set time and temp for precise cooking results
  • Easy to operate
  • One-touch control panel
  • Large 6.5 Quart cooking capacity
  • Nonstick-coated cooking pot
  • Dishwasher safe

Cons ×

  • Bulky
  • Heavy

Ninja Foodi Op305 9-in-1 Pressure Cooker Air Fryer

Ninja OP305 Foodi 6.5 Quart Pressure Cooker That Crisps, Steamer & Air Fryer with TenderCrisp...
755 Reviews
Ninja OP305 Foodi 6.5 Quart Pressure Cooker That Crisps, Steamer & Air Fryer with TenderCrisp...
  • The Ninja Foodi—The Pressure Cooker That Crisps. Pressure Cooker, Air Fryer, Tender Crisper Tender Crisp Technology allows you to quickly cook ingredients, then the Crisping Lid gives your meals a crispy, golden finish.
  • Pressure cook up to 70% faster versus traditional cooking methods. * Air fry with up to 75% less fat than traditional frying methods. ** *Versus slow-cooked, braised, or low-simmer recipes **Tested against hand-cut, deep-fried French fries.
  • 6. 5-Quart Ceramic-Coated Pot: Nonstick, PTFE/PFOA-free, and easy to clean. Enough capacity to cook a roast for your family. 4-Quart Cook & Crisp Basket: Large-capacity, ceramic-coated, PTFE/PFOA-free basket holds up to a 5-lb chicken or 3 lbs of French fries to feed your whole family. Nonstick for easy cleanup.

Pros √

  • Versatile and multifunctional
  • Nonstick coated inner cooking pot and air frying basket
  • Large cooking capacity
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to operate
  • One touch control panel

Cons ×

  • Large footprint
  • Renewed & Refurbished
  • Only 90 days warranty

Conclusion: Ninja Foodi Op302 Vs Op305: Winner?

While testing, we tried out a few recipes given in the recipe book included with the Ninja Foodi Op302 and Op305, however we also tried out some of our own recipes and no matter what you throw in it, it comes out amazingly delicious.

Choosing between Ninja Foodi Op302 vs Op305 is an open and shut case. Since Ninja Foodi Op305 is refurbished we will recommend going with Ninja Foodi Op302. The two pressure cookers are almost similar in terms of appearance, design, aesthetics, features and functions. But appliance’s condition does matter. Our opinion is, always buy brand new product, used item always has troubles attached to it.

What would you choose and why? Let us know if this comparative analysis has helped in make an informed decision to choose between Ninja Op302 and Op305!

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